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Musician, Arranger, Producer, Composer, etc.

kevin hendrickI am Kevin Hendrick - a Musician, Producer, Composer and Sound Engineer residing in the Albany, New York area. This site was created so you can learn how I can help you in a variety of musical ways. In the meantime, bookmark my site now to save you can find me in faster in the future.

Read about a new project I am involved in called Brass O Mania. I was recently featured in an Albany Times Union article about this project.

You can learn about my formal music education, professional experience, recordings, etc. in About Kevin.

Download Latin, Jazz and Other Music

Freely download (as an MP3 or Windows Media) and listen to the music (Latin, Jazz, Big Band, etc.) I have composed, engineered, arranged and of course play in My Music.

After listening to music, take a moment and review My Discography. I am using the phrase My Discography "loosely" as most of my work has been with other bands. Nonetheless, take a look.

Music Producer

Understand my role as a Music Producer to help you create great music with commercial appeal.

Music Composer

Review my years of experience performing the role of a Composer for many tunes including jazz, big band, and Latin music.

Sound Engineer

As a studio and live music artist, I have also learned first hand how to listen carefully and mix music as a Sound Engineer.

Music Arranger

Since I have a bachelors degree in music, I am also trained and experience as a Music Arranger. Outside of playing music, I find arranging really interesting and rewarding as I need to learn the music and then match it to the artists needs.

Read a thank you letter for a performance at a local hospice facility where I entertained people.

Music Lessons in Albany, Schnectady and Troy

In addition to performing the role of a musician, music arranger, music producer, music composer and sound engineer, I also provide private music lessons. Learn about my private music lesson fees and policies. I can teach you to play a variety of instruments including string instruments (such as guitar, violin, bass), brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, french horn, etc.), percussion (drums, cowbell, chimes, etc.) and keyboards.

If you want to contact me - calling me is best at (518) 439-0722.

If it is too late in the evening, send me an email via my Contact Form.

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